by Sudhanshu Saxena

lights, Camera, Action!

Sudhanshu Saxena has been making films for over a decade.

He is known for his unique perspective in documentaries, writing and directing unforgettable advertisements, he practices experimental storytelling through words and motion art.

He is also celebrated for his intensive and extensive methodology towards efficient pre-production, production, and post-production and his professional approach to the most challenging shoots. 

He has directed Documentaries, Short Films, and Animations.

He has mastered the art of story-telling with a compelling and interesting format.


Tata Solar

Rising Sun Energy

People of The Mountain


Killer Mines

Short Films

Story is in TAILS


A Reason to Wake Up

5th Murder


Neuphony Explained

Neuphony Product Teaser

Change Matrix Explained

How Does a Solar Plant Work?

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